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animated sequels you wanted

Dreamworks animation made little changes because Madagascar 4 was going to come out on May 18th 2018 but later it got removed from the schedule The Croods 2 was going to come out on June 20th 2017 this summer Puss in boots 2 was going to come out on November 2nd 2018 but it got removed as well Mr Peabody and Sherman 2, Flushed Away 2, Bee Movie 2, Over The Hedge 2, Kung Fu Panda 4, 5, and 6, Shark Tale 2, Rise of The guardians 2, Monsters vs Aliens 2, How to Train yby our dragon 4 and many other animated sequels that did not get a fellow up story. Blue Sky Studios should make a Rio 3 and an Ice Age 6. Also Disney should make a Moana 2 and a Zootopia 2. I love animated sequels and I want to see more animated sequels come out in 2019 2018 2020 2021 and 2022. I can not live without animated sequels made by animation movie companies so can you all just bring back any animated movie for a fellow up story and Warner bros pictures also should bring back the Lego Batman movie for a fellow up story and the billion brick race. Do the best you can to bring back every animated movie back for a fellow up story. I love animated sequels and how they keep adding more and more to their stories. So do not stop making animated sequels I also love how their franchise keeps going and adding more to their animation full on animated movies I will also give some ideas for each and every animated sequel don't stop making animated sequels animated sequels prequels I don't care if it takes a few days or weeks just try to think of some ideas because I love all of your animated sequels and try to get as many animated sequels when you can I know you can do it give my favorite animated movies another chance for bigger and better fellow up stories. These fellow up stories are not done just yet I want to see more of what is in store for my favorite animated sequels. Give these animated sequels another chance one more chance to be heard let it flow I want this more than ever.Also Warner bros pictures add in a Storks movie sequel. When this is done every animation movie company will get an animated sequel a fellow up story. Keep animated sequels going because animated sequels are my life they mean every thing to me Sony pictures animation Pixar animation studios Blue sky studios, Dreamworks animation, Disney Toon studios, Warner bros pictures,Illumination entertainment keep making animated sequels and animated prequels try it again one more time do it perfect please I want this and I really need more animated sequels. Keep at it keep going it is not over until each story connect there are even more stories to to tell through each animated sequel all there is to do is to find the right story to stick with and the adventures are not done. Put more love stories in your animated sequels more family drama more mysteries to solve and more music to sing along to. do this for me because I love like and care for animated sequels more than anyone in the world so please give it a chance I want this and I need this more than ever more than you think help bring back as many animated sequels as you can I am begging you please because I have dreamed of new animated sequels my whole life do this for me I love animation also add in a sequel to The Penguins of Madagascar. It is never too late to fix a mistake this problem can be solved. Also Blue sky studios please make a Peanuts movie sequel. Pixar make a Monsters Inc 3 a cars 4, a Toy Story 5, a bug's Life 2, a Walle 2, Brave 2, a Rataouille 2, there is more where that came from just wait and see. Dreamworks animation also make a sequel to Home, Turbo not only that Megamind should get a second movie and a third movie Shark tale will also get a third movie Pixar should make a sequel to Inside out. Nickelodeon should make a sequel to Barnyard. Disney should make a sequel to Chicken Little a third Planes, a second treasure planet, Blue sky studios should make a sequel to Epic, and a fourth Rio movie Pixar also should make a sequel to up Disney should make a sequel to Meet the Robinsons Blue sky studios should also make a sequel Robots. Warner bros should make a third Happy Feet. Aardman animation should make a sequel to Chicken Run but that is not all Exodus film group should make a sequel to Igor TriStar should make a sequel to Planet 51 Blue Yonder Films should make a sequel to Escape from Planet Earth Rainmaker entertainment should make a sequel to Ratchet and Clank Laika entertainment should make a sequel to Kubo and The Two Strings and a sequel to The BoxTrolls Nickelodeon Movies should make a Tintin 2 and a Tintin 3. And last thing Illumination entertainment should make second Hop and a third Hop because there should not be any live action in the second and third movie it should be all animated it is never too late to fix a big mistake do what ever it takes talk to directors producers editors and screen writers who are in animation go to Reel Fx animation studios Pixar animation studios

Blue sky studios Illumination entertainment Sony pictures animation Dreamworks animation Disney Toon studios and every other animation studio to spread the word about this animated sequel plan idea please I want this and I need this more than anything more than you think so please talk it over and think about it give it a chance please.

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