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animated Henry Danger sequel prequel spin off movie

Henry Danger should be an animated sequel prequel spin off movie the original cast will come back like Jace Norman as Henry Hart Cooper Barnes as Captain man Ray Man Chester Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper Ella Anderson as Piper Hart Jeffery Nicholas Brown as Mr Hart Michael D Cohen as Schwoz Kelly Sulivan as Mrs Hart and there should be cameos throughout the animated movie like Miranda Cosgrove will return as Carly Shay Jennette MC Curdy will return as Sam Puckett Ariana Grande will return as Cat Valentine Noah Muck will return as Gibby Nathan Kress will return as Freddie Benson Victoria Justice will return as Tori Vega Elizabeth Gillies will return as Jade West Kira Kosarin will return as Phebe Thunderman Addison riecke will return as Nora Thunderman Daniella Monet will return as Trina Vega Cree Cicchino will return as Babe Carano Madisyn Shipman will return as Kenzie Bell Benjamin Flores JR will return as Triple G Jerry Tranior will return as Spencer Shay. The animated movie will be made in 2D animation and 3D animation and Nickelodeon movies will be in charge of bringing this animated sequel prequel spin off to life on the big screen witch means that this movie should have as many cameos from other life action nickelodeon TV shows in the animated movie like Zoey 101 school of rock and other live action nickelodeon TV shows it should be an animated reunion like no other full of laughter every character will have a big role in the film. And this animated movie sequel prequel spin off should come out in the spring of 2018 the summer of 2019 or the summer of 2020 or the spring 0f 2021 Nickelodeon Movies will do a better job making this movie animated than live action let me know if Nickelodeon Movies will make this animated project sometime soon

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