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Kung Fu Panda 4 5 and 6

Dreamworks animation please try to make three more chapters to the Kung Fu Panda series because Po's story is not near the end yet even thought Po met his birth father his story need more to tell does Viper have any family members does Monkey have a brother does tigress have a sister does shfu have a mother or a father does Crane have an ant or an uncle and did mantis ever get married these are questions that should be answered will Po ever get married to Mel Mel will OOgway return more flashbacks about Po's mother did MR Ping have a wife that he never knew about who was a goose like him most of these characters should have a back story each talking about their own past Dreamworks animation and Universal pictures should work on bringing these stories back to life in 3D and 2D but everyone will love each story and how they will be put together Kung Fu Panda 4 should come out in summer 2020 Kung Fu Panda 5 will come out in spring 2021 and Kung Fu Panda 6 will come out in winter 2022. the same cast will return like Jack Black will come back as Po Angelina Jolie will return as tigress Randall Duk Kim will return as OOgway Bryan Craston will return as Li Shan Po's real father Dustin Hoffman will return as Shifu Seth Rogen will return as Mantis Jackie Chan will return as Monkey Lucy liu will return as Viper and Rebel Wilson will return as Mel Mel Po's future wife. meaning that there should be more to each character's back story let me know what you think and try to add more and more to each chapter I want there to be more in the Kung Fu Panda series like how there will be more Seven Shrek movies in the Shrek series so please add more in each animated franchise because I know there should be more to an animated story to tell so let me know what you think Dreamworks animation needs to work on making their animated franchises bigger and better with stories being told Dreamworks animation do your works just try and dream big dreams I love when a franchise keeps growing let it happen and make me proud

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