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Moana 2 2021

Disney animation here is what Moana 2 should be about Moana is now 21 as chef and leading her people to North america and with her mother the only ones around because her father died five years ago so now Moana and her mother go on an adventure with Maui to find his mother in Hawaii. Because of her family history when Moana's father passed away five years ago now Moana must take over as chef and do things differently as she brings her people to a new world North America to Hawaii as they begin a new life together. That is why this will be a strong story because of the relationship with his mother after his father passed away. This animated sequel will have everything you want adventure laughter singing and dancing. The directors of the movie Ron Clements John Musker and producer Osnat Shuker will discuss where the sequel will go like to North america where Moana will lead her people into Hawaii. They will travel on a huge boat to find Maui's mother in Hawaii. But how far will they go to find Maui's mother ? The directors will talk about bringing back Aulili Cravano as Moana Dwayne Johnson as Maui Alan Tudyk as Helhei Moana's pet roster and Nicole Scherzinger as Sina Moana;s mother. Also the sequel will come out in spring 2021 in March or April or even on April 1st April Fools day it could have a long deline maybe because you all know how long movies take. But just take your time and make it really good

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