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Cars 3

Cars 3 is about Lighting MCQueen at the top of his game when a new generation of high tech racers Jackson Storm who wanted to beat lighting MCQueen is more faster than he is so he had to train like him and he got Cruz Ramirez. because he might retire after his last race. But over time Lighting MCQueen got his chance to race better than he ever raced before in his life. But then you will hear a great story about how Cruz Ramirez never got a shot to race the message of the movie is if you have a dream just go for it no matter how old or young you are dream big dreams never stop dreaming big. everyone is back Owen Wilson is Lighting MCQueen Larry The Cable Guy is Mater Bonnie Hunt is Sally. Disney should Make a Cars 4 featuring Cruz Ramirez as the main character Lighting MCQueen as a sponsor along with Sterling Tex and The King Strip Weathers and explore more about Cruz's back story and how she backed away from her dream of being a real racer and Smokey would be her assistant crew chef River Scott Natalie Certain Junior Midnight Moon Rusty Dusty Louise Barnstomer Nash Guido Lugi and Sheriff will also help her along the way as well a Kal Weathers The King Strip Weather's Nephew and Jeff Gorvette Ramone Mater Lighting MCQueen's best friend Mack.Sarge and Miss Fritter Darrell Car Trip and Brent Mustangbuger will be the announcers for Cruz Ramirez Disney will put the story all together and Pixar will not have to do much work and the next chapter Cars 4 should come out in June July or August of 2020 in the summer the viewers might want to see a female woman character show us their history have the men step back because it is time to see what a lady can do let Cars 4 be a good come back story for Cruz Ramirez coming back as a real racer also we should see Lighting MCQueen is Married to Sally Mater propose to Holly Shiftwell his girlfriend and Finn MCMissile and Tex will work with Sterling at the elite training facility Rust-EZE racing center. All of this and more will be in Cars 4 more to Cruz Ramirez's story to be told because now she is a real racer so please take another shot and try not to break the news to Pixar because I want it to be a secret surprise for them when they do find out later on soon enough but just not now right away just let it happen soon as 2020 or 2021 maybe at the latest time try to figure it out soon and let me know what you are thinking thank you.

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