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Toy story 4 family reunion

Toy story 4 should have Andy his mother Emily Molly and their father Troy Davis connect in a love story in 2019 because no one ever found out about what happened to his father he was not there when he and his sister were young or when Andy left for college and we did not see Hannah Philips Sid Philips Molly Davis Bonnie Anderson Andy Davis should get married to Hannah Philips Sid Philips sister after college graduation and Molly Davis will maybe start high school or college Judy Anderson Bonnie Anderson's mother should have a love story with her long lost husband Fred Anderson. Not just Woody and BO Peep Buzz and Jessie should have a love story it should be everyone like Andy Davis Hannah Philips Emily Davis and Troy Davis Molly Davis and Andy's parents. Because I want this to be the biggest love story of 2019 in the history of Disney and Pixar. This is why more families need to re marry again in this animated sequel and we never knew what happened in their past relationships so you guys can explore those stories more I also want to see if Sid Philips will get married and more to each character's love story. You got this Disney and Pixar

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