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Minions 2 answers

will Bob be an adult will James Bond team up with Gru ? will the minions come back and will there be other villains to fight and will Chris Pritt play James Bond the sequel could also go to Alaska Washington DC Orlando, New York City Minions should rule the whole USA and take over every Us city in their path. But there could be one more villain that could to over every us city that he or she wanted to I want more from this franchise in order for this story to keep going we need more flare and more guest stars from the us to guest star in the movie as well the movie could also stop in Canada and how many years has it been ever since 2015 movie Minions ? and where are they now in the sequel ? and how will Gru become their master ? and will the sequel begin in the united states and Canada Illumination entertainment you should search a new director producer screenwriter or and editor for the film before it come out in 2020 but you have a little while before the movie comes out and try to let this franchise grow make it a site to see let me know what you think ? I know this will be a great wonderful sequel do your best to make it right.

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