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Despicable ME 3

Despicable me 3 was different because after Despicable me 2 Lucy and Gru get Married but in this one Lucy is trying to be a better mother Gru meets his long lost twin brother Dru and the same cast is back Steve Carell is Gru and his twin brother Dru Kristen Wig is Lucy Wilde Gru's husband Julie Andrews is Gru and Dru's mom Tray Parker is Balthazar Bratt a former child star super villain who wants to take over the world Miranda Cosgrove is Margo Dana Gaier is Edith Pierre Coffin is the voice of the minions Jenny Slate is Valerie Da Vinci the new head of the AVL a new person voices Agnes is the movie and her name is Nev Scarrel and Steve Coogan is silas Ramsbottom. There should also be a Despicable me 4 where Gru and Lucy think about having a baby after years of being married Agnes will be a teenager also Margo and Edith will get ready to go to college in New York Yale and Gru and Dru's mother had a cheat with them and Lucy about moving to Los Angles Mimi, Orlando right after Margo and Edith graduate from college Gru and Dru's mother will find a mansion around those us places before Margo and Edith graduate from college Peyton list Ski Jackson Bella Thorne Zendaya Dove Cameron Debby Ryan Rowan Blanchard Sabrina Carpenter and other female Disney stars will be will take in college life just like Edith and Margo. The movie should come out in 2019 2020 2021 or 2022 Lucy Gru and Dru should all work for the AVl working for Valerie Da Vinci and take on villains in the USA. This is why the next sequel should just take place in the united states of america and a few years later the baby will be eleven years old Gru Dru and Dr Nefario find a bigger lab in their new mansion in the united states of america with more action and a little more longer like 110 minutes long and two minutes long as well try to make Despicable me 4 longer than Despicable me 2 you can do this just do what you can to make this sequel longer and make it work I konw you can do this just keep going.

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