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DuckTales 2017 guest apperances

Daisy Chip and Dale should make guest apperances on the 2017 Duck Tales TV series but Danold duck should also get married to her in the show in between season one or season two of the show also Mickey mouse should also come on the show with Goofty and Minnie mouse Dana Tarence could make them have some screen time on the show Daisy's nieces will come on the show and in the TV movie Woo OO witch will start on Saturday August 12th on Disney XD just something to think about with more characters on the way like Clara bell Pete Mortmer professor Von Drake will also come to Duck burg to live near scrooge McDuck it would feel much better after the style of the Mickey mouse cartoons people would love it even more so could the people behind 2017 duck tales TV series should bring these characters back after all they were in the Mickey mouse cartoons so could they at lest try to bring these characters in for the TV movie and seasons one and two do what ever it takes to bring them back this time after all these years you guys got this.

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