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Toy Story 4 family reunion

in Toy Story 4 Andy's father troy should return and reunite with Emily Andy should be done with college at about 27 years old Andy's sister Molly should be a teenager Bonnie should be a teenager as well Sid will still be a garbage man and Andy will get married to Hannah Sid's sister Molly will graduate high school and think about where she wants to go to college Bonnie's father will come back Owen Wilson should play the role of Bonnie's father Larry Anderson also her mother will return as well while woody and BO Peep reunite in a love story along with Buzz and Jesse and maybe Ken and Barbie will reunite as well in a love story. Emily Davis will have a sister named Kathy Davis Andy and Molly's ant who they never knew about. Since Josh Cooley is directing more about their back stories and how they came back think about more behind the stories of each character so that the story can have a bigger and better feel by 2019 Friday June 21st 2019 because there should be more written in the script about each character's past and a canadian actor should play the voice of Andy Davis

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