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The Emjoi Movie

the movie is about a enjoi named Gene who needs to find his popuse in life and Alex their user has a problem with his phone. So Gene and High Five have to find a hacker named jail brake to help them get off the phone to find a code to stop Alex's phone from glitching. There are a lot of innernet spots like Just Dance Spotafie and other places to travel into. Some of your favorite cast are in this movie like Anna Faris TJ Miller Christina Aguilera Jake T Austin and many others. This film tells us that people can change but you just have to believe in yourself express yourself never stop dreaming big keep going and you will reach your goals in life. Even though the film did not do so well at the box office it still should get a sequel because Gene stud up for what is right the sequel should come out in 2020 in the spring or the summer because we all need a second chance every once in a while. Please do this because Cloudy with a chance of meatballs should have gotten a third film so get on making more animated sequels prequels because I love when a franchise keeps going and going and never stops. Just get started when you can Please at least try and get it done when you can Sony pictures animation you guys can do this

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