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Ferdinand is about a bull named Ferdinand who does not fit in because he does want to fight in the ring along the way he meets some of his old friends and some new ones at his old childhood home in Spain. But in order to get home he will need some help from his friends. The movie stars John Cena as Ferdinand Lilly Day as Nina Anthony Anderson as Bones Peyton Manning as Guapo Gina Rodriguez as Una David Tennant as Angus Daveed Diggs as Dos Kate Mckinnon as Lupe Bobby Cannavale as Valiente and Gabriel Iglesias as Cuatro and Nick Jonas did a great job with the song for the movie witch is called home best original song for the movie. But that is not all, the movie also had a good message to it be strong and to be true to be yourself if you don't want to do something listen to your heart and go on your own adventure. This movie should get a sequel. You will love it..

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